Maria Lehua Fish

Digital Marketer


Hi there, I'm Maria - a student of life and graduate from the University of Puget Sound and Santa Barbara City College. I'm currently based in San Francisco and work with clients across the State.

Inspired by a deep love for sharing and developing artistic creations - especially music - I curate a unique playlist for the musicto community. Through an internship with the Founder, I gained hands on experience in utilizing social media to grow and nurture an authentic and engaged audience. I am passionate about helping others attain and connect with the same kind of audience to support your most authentic endeavors.

I have expertise in the following areas:

Social Media
Audience building on Instagram/ Twitter/Facebook. Hashtag analysis. Analytics & performance reporting.
Squarespace design. Updating SEO & local SEO. Copywriting & social sharing.
Mailchimp.ConvertKit. Squarespace campaigns.
Google Analytics. Key Performance Indicators reporting.
Video editing. SEO for Youtube/ Facebook.
Facebook Custom Audience Development & campaign management.
Community Development
Group management.Slack. Development of values & community identity.


Let's create something cool. Feel free to reach me here...